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Best Tips to Organize Your Work Space

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk sign.”- Says Albert Einstein.

Isn’t it true. When your desk is all cluttered you are too confused and when it is clean what does it mean? Hell Jokes apart. But keeping desk clean and organized is a sign that your mind is not so confusing and you can concentrate more on work than cluttered things. Imagine your most important client is visiting the office and asks for the copy of his contract. What are you going to do? Keep shuffling all the cluttered papers on your desk till you don’t find the one you want. Your client is less likely to be calm till you find it all. There you hit your bad impression on him. To avoid this use some easy tips and organize your work space.

1. Keep needed items handy-  Clear out all the desk. Sort the paper that is there on the desk. Just keep all those desk and workspace accessories handy. Take all those equipment’s and supplies and keep them in front of you for the easy access. Keep pens, pencils and other small things on the desk. Using pen stand for, it would look cool!

2. Get rid of unwanted things-If your office space is all messed up, just purge the desk from unwanted paperwork, unnecessary desk accessories and all that you don’t use regularly. Clean the dust. Don’t remove interesting items such as your family photos or smileys on your desk. Keep them there to make you feel enthusiastic all the time.

3. Use Files and Cabinet stores proper- Don’t just purchase files and cabinet storage’s rather use them properly in a strategic manner. First, make a list of all those papers that you want to store. Categorize them alphabetically. Then in that prioritize the most important and current projects. It doesn’t matter even if you keep older projects and its documents in the last. You would just need it for reference rarely.

4. Clean the desk everyday and start newly- If you don’t clean the desk everyday, there are chances it gets cluttered in every three four days. Rather than wasting time on one single day, just clean it every day. That will definitely save time and extra efforts. Follow this simple tips to let the mind and desk be clutter free. But don’t clean up your mind when you will clean the desk!

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