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Types of Business envelopes as office supplies

Giving out business envelopes is still considered as a part of professionalism. It looks more organized to give letters in a proper envelopes. In many offices, though you send emails to the employees or customers for their important documents, but hard copies are always considered more authentic than emails. Hence business envelopes still exists, however there are various types of envelopes that has emerged and that are being used.

Following are some common types of business envelopes-

Window Envelopes– It is mostly used for sending bills or bank statements. They have a featured window where the receiver’s address is usually mentioned. It is beneficial as the address can be printed directly on the paper inside and can be visible through the window. You need not write down or print the address separately on the envelope it is already there on the document and window on the envelope makes it visible.

Clasp envelopes– These envelopes are large in size and clasp to seal them. It is the most reusable envelope as the clasp on them makes it quick to use. Generally, these envelopes are made up of heavyweight kraft papers.

Catalog envelope or open end envelope– It is almost similar to clasp envelopes, but it doesn’t have claps closure, instead it has adhesive seal. They are designed to mail catalogs, brochures and magazines. Mostly they are in white or brown color.

Reusable envelopes– They are mostly called as interoffice envelopes. It is designed to be released and reused. It has a closure made up of the piece of Velcro or string and a button. These envelopes have spaces for to mention details such as who it should be delivered to, who is the sender and the date. It is useful for separating and identifying documents as it is available in several colors.Corporate office supplies in New York have such reusable envelopes for your office use.

Paper envelopes– Most of the envelopes including all mentioned above are made up of paper. It comes in different sizes and shapes.

Different envelope material-
Reusable plastic envelopes– Definitely these envelopes are not as common as paper, envelopes, but offer various advantages. Firstly, they are longer lasting than paper ones, stronger and reusable as well. In office supplies markets, there are also expandable envelopes that can accommodate different amounts of paper.

Custom printed envelopes– Many corporate offices prefer using custom printed envelopes. Your company name and address would be mentioned on the envelope. These envelopes are designed for a professional use and customized printing gives it a corporate look and saves your time of writing down name and address.

Designed envelopes for special mailing– Such envelopes are frequently used for specific mailings such as greeting cards, It comes in various different sizes and styles.

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