Cash Handling Machines

Cash Handling Machines: A handy product for Cash Collection

If you are the owner of a gift shop, or have a floral store down the street or a restaurant located in the suburban city area, the essential office equipment that will be needed by you is the cash handling machines. Cash handling machines are both digital and manual, and you can choose the one according to your workload.

If we go into the details, a cash handling machine is further subdivided into cash drawers and boxes, Coin Counters, Check writers, cash registers, Safes and Tally Counters. Each of them can efficiently store and save all your daily monetary transactions.

Cash Drawers – Cash drawers are mostly preferred when you have to deal with large sums of money. It is safe, secure and accurate, and its features include
*    Adjustable bill and coin compartments.
*    Smooth suspension drawer.
*    Four rubber feet to protect surfaces.
*    Includes cable for receipt printers.

Cash Registers – A cash register is your complete package, wherein you have a drawer to keep the cash and totals, records and displays the amount sale.
Features of a cash register machine are:
*    High-speed thermal printing on drop-in 2-1/4″ roll.
*    Eight-line operator display.
*    Advanced reporting capabilities and seamless tie-in to QuickBooks Pro.
*    There is a Built-in SC card slot for programming, backup and reporting
*    Add graphics and texts to receipts.
*    Automatic tax system

Coin Wrappers – Protecting your money from damages is very important, as you don’t want to lose the hard earned money to some natural or man made hazards.
Features of a coin wrapper are:
*    Innovative nesting design saves money and space.
*    Reduce storage space.
*    Preformed for easy filling.
*    Preformed for easy filling.
*    Meet ABA Standards.
*    1000 wrappers per box.

Safes – A strong fireproof cabinet with a complex lock is the need of the hour to keep your money and belongings safe. The classification of Safe is as follows:

*    Compact safe for home or office use.
*    Tough construction with programmable digital keypad provides security and easy access.
*    Can be bolted to wall or floor.
*    Batteries and installation kit included.

Tally Counters – Tally counters are those modern day machines to not only keep a count of your daily earning and monetary transaction, but with this you can also keep your essential office supplies inventory up to date as well.

*    A thumb push advances the count.
*    Counter registers to 9999.
*    Counter resets to zero.
*    Curved to fit the hand.
*    Counter has convenient finger ring.

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