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Crafts and Recreation Room Products

Every Office Needs Crafts & Recreation Room Products!

Offices are serious places where only serious adults work towards a cause and earn a living.    Or…is it?

Well, with the average age in most offices being in the range of 30 to 50 and life expectation going through the roof, crafts & recreation room products aren’t meant only for kids and recreation! They are meant for every place which needs them- including homes and small offices. Name can sometimes confuse identities for sure!

Take for instance the following products:

  • Art Boards

  • Art Containers

  • Art Inks

  • Art Kits

  • Art Paper

  • Art Shapes

  • Art Tools

To a lay person, this could be the stuff used either by the seriously arty kinds or by children on their way to become artists. Who would otherwise think that Crafts & Recreation Room Products like art boards, tools, shapes etc could be serious business in those offices where art is a regular feature including AD agencies, marketing agencies and those who deal in visual mediums. Irrespective of their usage or the kind of organization where they find application, one MUST buy Crafts & Recreation Room Products online given that prices are competitive and product quality better than the best.

And in the enormous list of items Crafts & Recreation Room Products, there are those whose significance is immense and beyond craft and recreation, such as:

  • Scissors

  • Stencils/Templates

  • Stopwatches

  • Wax

  • Whistles

  • Wiggle Eyes

  • Yarns

These are of immense use in every setting and they ought to be kept in sufficient numbers so that even if lost, can be replaced fast. And if one is to have them in bulk, on ought to buy Crafts & Recreation Room Products online to save on costs while getting the best quality.

In this enormous list of Crafts & Recreation Room Products, there are those too which make perfect gifts such as

  • Balloons

  • Balls

  • Building Blocks

  • Clay/Pottery

  • Crayons

  • Feathers

  • Jump Ropes

And to make the most of the best gift, one should always buy Crafts & Recreation Room Products online where prices are less while quality remains same (if not better!)

Speaking of gifts, one of the best items on this enourmous list of Crafts & Recreation Room Products are related to a field far removed from offices, homes and the likes. Air Pumps and Air Pump Accessories! No one would blow balloons throughout the day but would surely want to cycle around the block ever so often. And aiding one’s idle pastime of cycling are these Air Pumps and Air Pump Accessories which can help inflate cycle tyres which would go a long, long way in keeping one’s cycles in a great and workable shape!

We don’t really need to tell you where to get these from, do we! If you still haven’t got it, well here goes!! Great products and greater prices!


Batteries & Electrical supplies

Tips For Buying Batteries And Electrical Supplies

We are the part of world, where everything around us runs on batteries. The moment, when any of these batteries stops working is the worse for any one of us. It’s like we can hardly do anything if any of these devices has stopped working. Whether it’s your cell phone, a laptop or tablet, it feels like we humans are entirely dependent on these machines. Until these machines are working, we can work else there is a big issue to be solved. Every one of us is so busy in life that sometimes it really gets impossible to go and purchase these batteries or chargers for any store.

So, what will be that one place from where you can easily purchase these extremely important accessories to keep your devices live? Yes, the answer is online E-commerce stores, where you can buy any of these batteries or cables sitting at home. All you need to check while selecting any battery and electrical supplies is as follows:

  1. Compatibility: Every battery made is compatible only to certain type of devices. That is why, it is very important to check the list of devices, to which a battery would be compatible. Similar is the case with other electrical supplies like cables and extension cords. Purchasing a non-compatible accessory will waste your money and it can even damage your devices. For example, you are using an iPhone and you need to purchase its charger cable for an online store.

Then you should search for charger cable, which is compatible to iPhone.

  1. Output/ Input power: There is certain output/input power at which any devices works. So, while purchasing a charger/adapter online, one needs to check the output power of that adapter or charger. It should be same or adjustable to the input power of the device. Otherwise wrong output power can easily damage that device.
  1. Cost of purchase: It is beneficial to have patience while purchasing anything online. One wrong decision can cost you huge. So, always compare the cost of purchase on various online stores, for an electrical supply or battery you can planning to purchase online. Sometimes there are heavy discounts available on certain battery or adapter, which you can avail and save money.

Next time when you plan to buy any of the electrical supplies online, just follow the above mentioned tips. It might be tough to avoid these devices but quite easy to save little money for other expenses.

battery backup

Why The Hell You Need A Battery Backup

Ever wondered why it is recommended to have battery backup while using computers? Recall the power loss for several hours due to the storm? You lost the important data to be used for Annual Business Meeting that was not saved. The power goes off suddenly, turning your screen black!! You wish, you had clicked save while working on it.

It always leaves you helpless more often than not clueless as the cause for power outage cannot be figured out. More often than not, if the power outage is not frequent, it may happen due to natural calamities, or winters and storms bringing down the power lines.

How UPS helps?

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. A good UPS supplies power for 5-10 minutes allowing you to save the crucial data and shut down the computer safely during the sudden power failure. Thus preventing inconvenience and the damage to the electronic equipment.

The working of UPS

The UPS has a lead acid battery backup power supply and a circuitry. During the power outage, the UPS instantly switches from line power to battery power. The UPS also protects the computer during fluctuations in line power as a sudden spike or drop in voltage has an adverse effect on the computer, affecting its performance and the lifespan.

Types of UPS

UPS units range from small units with the capacity to supply power for 10 min to large UPS deployed in data centers that keep servers running round the clock. Depending on the characteristics, the types of UPS are

  • Standby
  • Line Interactive
  • Standby on-line hybrid-
  • Standby-Ferro
  • Double Conversion On-Line
  • Delta Conversion On-Line

However, the frequently used UPS for computers are

  • Standby

These UPS are compact, highly efficient and cost effective. Highly recommended for personal computers.

  • Line Interactive

These are the most reliable and popular UPS in locations with harsh power environment. Ideal for small businesses, web servers and departmental servers as they have perfect voltage conditioning.

Choosing the UPS

The choice of UPS depends on the power needs of the personal computer at home or personal computers and servers at an office and the run time of the UPS. The run time of the UPS depends on the number of battery cells in the UPS, their capacity, their DV voltage rating and the VA rating of the UPS.

We offer a wide range of APS and Tripp Lite make UPS suitable for computers at office and at home. The cost effective and efficient UPS with quick services make us the most sought after store in office supplies.

Breakroom Supplies

The Breakroom Supplies You Can Buy Online At Affordable Prices

Where on one side the office furniture holds an importance, it is also essential to keep a good care of breakroom supplies. Just like furniture there are also various types of breakroom supplies available in the market which can be bought by you for your office. To help you with the same, following are the office breakroom supplies in demand-

Coffee Brewers: The very first type of breakroom supply which is very much required in any office is the coffee brewing machine. When we work continuously for seven to eight hours in an office, we do require couple of coffee breaks in between. These machines are capable enough to brew multiple cups of hot coffee in few minutes. The double wall, vacuum isolated thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm enough to drink for two hours. The internal hot water tank keeps the water heated to optimal temperature. There are various types of such machines available in the market depending upon the capability of brewing coffee. One can easily select the coffee brewer of his choice from an online store selling various office breakroom supplies online at genuine prices.

Coffee Condiments: While making a cup of coffee using coffee brewer you do require many other things like sugar packets, zero calorie sweetner, flavored coffee creamer, and much more. These additional items are known as coffee condiments in breakroom supplies. Everything is sealed and available in small packets for better and easy usage. Being used on regular basis in offices these condiments are available in bulk on various online store that are dealing in breakroom supplies of high quality and selling them at quite affordable prices.

Cutting Boards: The third type of breakroom supply which is quite common yet useful for any kitchen in an office is the cutting board. These boards are hard and are used to cut vegetables and other eating products being used in the kitchen. The boards are made from different materials like wood, bamboo, and plastic and are available in various sizes to meet the demand. The durable co-polymer material provides heat and wrap resistance. Being very light in weight you can easily store these boards anywhere.

Food Containers: While having lunch in your office, if you are left with some food you can store it in the food container. These containers come with sufficient capacity to store enough food in one. They are made from material which can easily be decomposed and help in reducing air pollution. The containers made from aluminum are suitable for cooking, serving and storing food. Such food containers are economical and versatile to the user and ideal for hot or cold foods. They are oven safe so one can easily put them in oven right from the freezer.

Water Coolers: The last but not the least breakroom supply is the water cooler. For employee who work for eight hours or more, it is very important to drink at least two liters of water in a day. So it is essential to keep a high quality water cooler that can supply enough water to all the employees when required. There are many companies which are involved in manufacturing these water coolers for offices and homes and meet the demand of the customer. One cane easily select it from an online store selling some high quality office breakroom supplies at best possible prices in the market.

marker boards online

Things To Remember While Purchasing Marker Boards Online

Marker Board is one of the essential part of office supplies as it can be used for various purposes in an office. Therefore, it becomes important to buy a right kind of marker board considering various factors.

With increase in demand, many companies have started manufacturing marker boards in different sizes, colors and styles. Such varying item specifications makes it tough to figure out the exact maker board for your office. To help you make a wise decision, following are some tips you can follow-

1) Spacing: The very first thing you should always consider before placing an online order of a marker board for your office is space availability. To check the space availability, you first need to decide the area where you want to place the marker board in your office. For example, you are a teacher and you want to buy stylish yet economical marker board to spruce up your teaching institute. So that, when your students visit you they should get a professional feel looking at the well-organized marker board. Therefore, it becomes essential to select the right space in your office for placing the marker board and then place an order with correct measurements.

2) Size: Once you have decided the spacing and position for the marker board, start working on its size. A marker board can be used for various purposes in an office like, it can be used to jot down quick notes during a meeting, teaching lessons to the students or display screen for office projectors. In all scenarios the size of a marker board has to be different with respect to its usage. That’s why you should always consider the size of a marker board when you buy marker boards from office stationery suppliers at competitive prices.

3) Material: Next essential thing to consider here is the material of the marker board. There are plenty of options available for you to select the type of material for your office marker board like melamine, painted steel and porcelain. Marker boards made from melamine are the standard boards that do an adequate job when it comes to durability and erase-ability. Whereas, maker boards made from painted steel or porcelain are magnetic in nature. Magnetic boards are long lasting and offer better erase-ability as compared to melamine boards. Now, it depends upon the buyer to select a certain type of material according to the office ambience and individual’s choice.

4) Costing: Last consideration here is the amount of money you want to spend for buying marker boards. After all, the decision of considering the above-mentioned points depends upon the budget you have for buying a marker board for your office space. Once you know your budget, start looking for a marker board of your choice on online office stationery suppliers and place an order that suits your budget.

So, next time you plan to shop marker board online for your office pantry, refer the tips mentioned above and buy best office supplies online at quite affordable prices.

Office Equipment

To Rent or to Buy Office Equipment

Starting a new venture is easy, but maintaining it in the longer run is a bigger task. When starting a new business an entrepreneur or his team are always working on a tight end budget to make things meet, and in doing so one of the most important things that will be needed to function your daily work is office equipment.

Whenever you want to choose office equipment for a startup make sure it is cheap. Now cheap here means affordable, yet durable and of course high quality. Maybe you have got a home office and need some affordable equipment. In such a scenario, there are a couple options at your disposal: you can either rent the office furniture you need, or you can purchase new ones from an online store.

So, what is the most viable option? And how can you get the most out the those options.

Leasing Office Equipment

The main advantage of renting office equipment is that you can return the equipment during use for upgrades without any charges. For this you need to pay weekly or monthly rent or leasing fees for the equipment and in return, you are allowed to use the equipment as if it were your own.

Some of the reputed leasing agencies will even send service personnel to your office, if the leased equipment ends up breaking down. For large scale office equipment items, leasing them is often a very good idea because not every business can pay $5,000 to pick up one item they may need.

Buying Office Equipment

The main advantage of buying office equipment is that it becomes your business asset. The depreciation cost on these equipments can be taken in up to 10 year increments, or all at once when you buy them in some parts of the world. When you purchase it, that means the equipment is also yours and you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging the equipment or using it too often, as is the case when leasing contract that you have with someone.

The hassles are less when your buy office equipment of your own. To save money always try and shop for a trusted online office supplies retailer, as it is far more cheaper to get things from them, rather a store down the street. With leasing the equipment, when you move your offices to a new location, according to some rental agreements, this would mean a breach of your leasing contract.

In such situation, you either have to start a new contract or pay contract termination fees to finish the move. However, if you have purchased the equipment yourself, you can simply load it on the moving truck and deck it up at your new office.

Online office supplies store

Ways to Get Cheap Office Supplies

Business expenses are many, you need to keep a tab on the running business expenses by chopping and changing many things is your office. One effective way to cut down on business cost is by purchasing cheap office supplies. Now many would presume that cheap business supplies mean low quality, and non-durable products. But, you would be happy to know that even reputed brands like, HP, Ricoh, Epson and Hammermill are selling their products on dedicated online office supplies store and the lowest rates possible.

If one intends to effectively save on business funds, minor changes made to the way you purchase the office supplies and equipment will actually add up to become a big saving.

Whether you are the sole business owners or the person who is in charge of keeping up the supplies stock in the office, it is easy to learn, as to how to buy cheap office supply.

Here are some steps to get Cheap Office Supplies

Step 1 – The first step would be to keep a track on supplies that you already have. This is very important, and a great way to save money and it also ensures that the office items purchased earlier do not get wasted lying there.

If possible make a person in charge for tracking and also distributing supplies at the workplace, just like an administrator of the office manager.

Step 2 – To have a smooth shopping experience with your daily needed office stationary and supplies, you can create a corporate account with a trusted and affordable online stationary supplier. Keep in mind that having a corporate account with an online supplies store, gives you ease of access to purchase the items, and even the store keeps a count of your things and sends you alerts and messages when the time for refilling the supplies’ comes. You can get corporate discounts and also incentives when you set up the corporate account.

Step 3 – For employees to sit and work in the office, you need office furniture, workstations, desks, and ergonomic office chairs. However, if your tight end budget does not allow you to buy modern office furniture, you can always go for used products. Reused furniture has a lot of demand from small business owners, as it is a good and affordable way to get your office decked up with all the much needed equipment. Also, check for green office furniture, which is the trending item in almost all business establishments

Step 4 – In the last step, you need to do so homework regarding the supplies you need and the supplier from whom you going to purchase all the items. As an expert advice, whatever business you run, small or big, but do buy office supplies from an online store. They are your best source to save on business funds, and provide you quality products from trusted brands.

Online office supplies store has everything, right from traditional stationery items to modern office furniture, and from printing supplies to cleaning equipment. All under on site. And the best part is free shipping and hassle free purchasing policies, which save your money by all means.

Binding Supplies

Bind It for Longevity of the Paper

Binders & binding supplies are rarely considered as essential office supplies. However it has various advantages. It is true that until we don’t know the advantages of a particular things, we won’t buy it for our business and never look at it as an investment. For this we need to know good and bad sides of the binding supplies. Read further to know some advantages and disadvantages.

The major advantage of binding papers together is the ability to produce professional looking documentation that will have a greater impact on the audience. There is no limit to the type of written material, you can present a properly bond, professional high quality document, it reflects you and your business too. You spend hours of hard work on making a research document or a report, then do you think you should staple it and submit or place it in loose file. Documents such as quotations, handouts, Policy Documents, Training Manuals, Development Plans, Proposals, Contracts and Reference Manuals, if bound together, demonstrate professional pride in your work. When your document is binded it presents a better image about you. Furthermore it also enhances the usability. If the document is binded it is easier to carry and store for the references.

Documents can be preserved and protected if they are bound together. If you want to stand out from the crowd make sure that you use a different color and style of binding. This will be impressive as well.

If you are using comb binding, then its plastic combs are strong and reusable. This method is quick and simple and can be used to fulfill a wide range of binding needs. There are manual as well as electric comb binding machines. What you need is a plastic combs, cover papers, materials to be found and the binder. You should punch the paper first, then place the plastic comb on the binder, then pull the handle to open the combs. Place the punch over the holes and release the handle so the comb closes again. With this method you can produce professional looking documents in differentiating colors, textures and sizes within a few minutes.

There is another type of a binding named as thermal binding. It is ideal for all kinds of documents, resulting in neat, flat and permanently protected booklets that are easy to post.

When the thermal binder has reached its operating temperature, place the written material between its binding covers and then place in the bincer. you will see the permanent results within seconds. The benefit of thermal binding is the absence of punched holes.

However, whenever you will be planning to buy a binding machine remember considering few things. Know the thickness of your documents, Each binder has a paper punching and production capacity. Those with lower punching capacity will take longer time to produce your document.

Check on your budget. When you plan to purchase the binding machine, you need not do heavy investment. A bit of it can run for longer period of time. You can search for General Office Accessories in Garden City for the best deals and quality at the same time.

A Kit Of Office Writing Supplies

You always need plenty of Office Writing & Correction Supplies. It never matters what type of or how much quantity do you use. From pens, pencils, erasers to chalks, crayons highlighters, these types of office supplies will be seen in most of the offices. These supplies are used so commonly that, we always take them for granted without knowing the importance of their necessities.

You need to choose these supplies according to your office style and requirement, which will suit your working style.

For example – If you need the pens only for the signature purpose, you can always opt for ball pens, but if you have some writing work, any specific comments you need to make on papers, you need to go for some nice gel or fountain pens. You can always have pen sets in your stock. If you are using ball pens or gel pens you need to have their pen refills too. Use of highlighters will make the important matter readable carefully. If you are working regularly on the documents, erasable pens or correction tapes will help you in scratching your mistakes. Writing with pencils will make your writing comfortable.

You spend most of your time on your desk in office timing. You will enjoy working in the office if your office desk is very organized. There are very useful items which you need to have in your office drawer like correction fluids, paper clips, markers, stapler. These things, you may not need it while writing, but surely makes your office daily work comfortable. You can always order these supplies on your regular online office supplies store and stock them, otherwise you have to search them on any online store for last minute requirement.

The type of paper you need to use is solely depend on the type of work you do. For example, if you are a writer or a poet, you are about to start writing a novel, and nothing being fixed in your mind about the story, about the characters, you will go for the drawing papers or loose sheets of papers. If your writing the poems you will choose the spiral binding notebook, which is easier to handle. If you need to carry the book, where ever you go, you would prefer a small notebook which would be easy to handle. It is all depend on your requirement where a big notebook can keep all the records in one place where small notebooks can be carried away easily in your bag.

To check with your targets or meetings you need to maintain your planner whether it is desk planner or a wall planner. Keep a good exercise of having time management by maintaining the planners.

Has this happened ever, that in your coffee break, you are having some coffee and your boss pings you and give you some task, and you just pull a sticky note and jot it down there for the time being, so that you do not forget to do it. Writing those key words will help you in reminding that task, after you finish off with your coffee.

Keeping your office desk well stocked with the office writing supplies is any time convenient and helpful to you.

So, keep it stocked and enjoy writing.

Security and Surveillance Systems – Best Security To Homeowners And Businesses

We have been knowing that security and Surveillance System is being used by the police department to solve the crime issues. But now, in the private sector also it is being used by the homeowners and business offices. Let’s discuss, some reasons, why these systems being used by everyone commonly.

1. Security cameras help the police department to solve the crimes – These cameras which have put up on the road, at the traffic signals have back up with video recording. With the help of these footage, the police can identify the people who break the rules on the roads and catch hold of them. There are more reasons like to solve the theft cases, to find the missing people, where police department takes the help of video footage. Not only on the roads but also in the stores, restaurants, fast food centers you will find the cctv cameras been put up for the security purpose.

2. Security cameras prevent crime – The years of studies proved that few cities like Baltimore or Chicago had helped to reduce crime, in some of the areas, and the report proved that these Surveillance Systems are the cost effective and have justified for installing them. And that is why, more and more cities are installing them for the security purposes. It has cut down in the crimes in the cities, as the criminals have been caught with the film captured by these cameras.

3. Security cameras are more cost effective, affordable and can easily accessible – As per the security cameras companies and police records, more and more house owners are installing for these cameras as their prices are affordable and they are easily accessible with the help of individual’s smart phones. It is not only the initial prices have gone down, but you can always upgrade your current system with better mega pixels for more clarity. And thus, making this process affordable by common people.

4. House owners and businessmen can take the advantage of this system – In city like Chicago, the cameras are privately owned by the many businessmen and house owners. The new initiative has started that these private people can register themselves. And the police department can use these footages to find the crime happened in any corner of the city.

5. Security and Surveillance System, gives you a peace of mind for your business, for your home, anytime, whether you are near or far away from it – Now with the help of advanced technology, you can view the footage of your security camera on your laptop, on your smart phone device. These systems help you in setting the alarm on your phone, to make your property secured. People find this investment worth as you can monitor your property when you go on vacations too.

While making a survey on, how convenient it is to install this system, the people’s response was good. According to them, their life style has improved with this technology. With the help of the new monitoring system, they can quickly have surveillance of their homes in just a few seconds, without leaving their places.

Install the Security and Surveillance Systems and get your property secured.