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chair stools & seating accessories

Different Types Of Chair Accessories Available Online For Office And Home.

Every day, we spend 8 to 10 hours in the office and most of the time we are sitting on a chair. That means, the chairs, which we use should be of best quality and according to the latest technology available in the market. It is quite possible that you may need to replace some part of the chair during your working hours only. For that purpose, there should be enough inventory of various kinds of seating accessories that are easily available at online office furniture stores. Check below the list of all those useful accessories-

1.Casters: The very first type of chair accessory that is easily available online in good quality is casters. Casters basically are the wheels that can be attached to various types of furniture items like table, chair, and stool to provide mobility. One can easily change the position of the furniture item without applying unnecessary force and damage. These casters are further available in different designs. The Optical casters have got a snap-ring around the stem for easy attachment to the furniture. Such casters may reduce the load capacity of the shelving unit. On the other side, the roll-around instant swivel wheels can make anything mobile. These casters offer 360-degree swivel action. The other types of casters available are Deluxe futura casters, Standard casters, safety casters and much more. So, one can easily avail casters choosing from all these types for office use.

2. Headrest: The second type of chair accessory that is easily available online is the headrest for office chairs. As the name suggest here, the headrest is used in certain type of chairs to provide support to the neck of the user. It is the headrest that provides the right seating posture and helps in avoiding the painful cramps in the neck. Headrests are also available in various types depending upon the design of the chair and customer’s requirement at online office furniture stores.

3. Pneumatic Cylinder: The third type of chair accessory for your office use is the pneumatic cylinder. This part in the chair is responsible for adjusting the height of the chair according to the user’s comfort. Most of us would have used a liver available in the office chairs to adjust the height of the chair. The material used in making these cylinders is mainly steel and the overall height is 12 1/2″ to 20 1/2″. One can easily avail such chair stools and seating accessories from a well known online office furniture store at best possible prices.

4. Chair Arms: During the evolution of chairs in past 100 years, the best addition to the office chairs would be the arms. It is these arms that provide extreme comfort to the users in long hours of seating. There are different designs of arms for different chairs depending upon the manufacturing company and technology used. These arms help in reducing the strain on user’s neck and shoulders and can be attached to the chair with an ease. The arms caps used are soft enough to provide a high level of comfort to the user. One can avail the arm chair from any reputed online store indulged into seating accessories for office use.

5. Antimicrobial Protection Seats: This highly antimicrobial technology from Microban helps treating a myriad of fabric surfaces and polymers that are used in chairs for places like hospitals. This technology is used in making seats of the chairs, which are easy to install and remove. One can easily clean these seats with wipes and water. Such protection seats are easily available online at best possible prices.

self-inked rubber stamps

Role Of Rubber Stamps In Business

Whatever type of business you are doing, what ever industry you are working in, and even if you think, that you are not in need of it, you will need it, for the reasons you never would have thought of. Please find below all the reasons why you need the rubber stamp in your office work on daily basis. You will get to know the importance of having them in the office

1. Your customer is always important to you
The life line of your business is your customer. You need to maintain good relationship with them to flourish your business. A small gesture of gratitude from your side by saying thank you, will make a lot of difference. If an invoice is paid on time, or order is completed, you can have a stamp saying ‘Thank you’ will the excellent way.

2. Time is money
When you receive any document in your office, it is necessary to mention the other party that we have received, so and so document from your side. Stamp saying ‘Received’, is an excellent way of monitoring the important document. This is also a perfect way of keeping the track of documents which you have been receiving.

3. Address of the company
Whether you are running a small-scale business or a large corporate business, your customers should be always reachable to you at any point of time. A rubber stamp having an Address of your company will be perfect use for compliment slips, flyers, correspondence envelopes. This is one of the ways where you can stay connected with your customers and not letting them forget you too.

4. Efficiency and productivity.
One of the best way of increasing productivity and reducing the stress is using the rubber stamps. We have self-inked rubber stamps in the market. They could be used without ink pad, and so create the minimal mess. Instead of writing one thing again and again by hand, stamping is anytime better and easier option.

Now, there are two types of rubber stamps available in the market. Pre-inked rubber stamps and self-inked rubber stamps.

Though sound almost same, there is a big difference in them. You need to choose among them as per your working style. Let’s find out on what basis you can choose, which one is better for you.

This is the major difference between pre-inked rubber stamps and self-inked rubber stamps. Pre-inked rubber stamps are far ahead in the competition where the impression which are solid, top notch and crisp in quality.

Self-inked rubber stamps are much more economical. If you are looking for daily office use, good quality rubber stamps, you can opt for these stamps. You are a new start up with limited spending budget these rubber stamps are recommended.

Now here, you can always consider, the pre-inked rubber stamps, where it comes to number of impressions. Pre-inked rubber stamps will give you about 45k copies of impression where self-inked rubber stamp will give you approximately 9k to 10 k of copies in one refilling.

The major difference between these two is – water-based ink is used for self-inked rubber stamps where oil-based ink is used for pre-inked rubber stamps. And the similarities between them are they both are refillable. Only thing you need to replace are their stamp pads. Both types of stamps are easily customized according to area of working, designs etc.



Personal Hygiene Products

Using Personal Hygiene Products – Simpler Way To Healthy Life.

If you do not want to have any infection, and want to have a good health, you need to be very conscious about your personal health and eventually the personal hygiene. It is the primary step for your good health. It protects you from bad health and provide shield to you from others around who are suffering from illness.

We have been learning from our childhood about how to take care of us from bacteria, virus or illness. Doing hygienic things daily, like washing our hands, bathing, brushing, flossing is very boring but doing these, keep us away from illness. And as we all say prevention is better than cure.

Hygiene is not only maintained at home but also in our work place, schools, colleges, and most importantly in the hospitals. So Janitorial and Sanitation supplies are much needed in all above places. The personal hygiene is to be maintained in our working area is much important as we spend most of our time in our work place and there may be ill people around us. Having our office space, work place clean and disinfected is very important. Virus and bacteria breed round the clock and especially on hard surface like tables, chairs, desks, floors. We need to have people for cleanliness in working premises.

The office pantry, school pantries, college pantries or hospital pantries are some of the places where cleanliness matters a lot. The use of Janitorial and Sanitation supplies is a must there. With our own hygiene, one should be taking care of public health also. The special care should be taken in important areas like drinking water and proper sewage disposal.

One thing we can’t forget that, using, Hand sanitizer is the key of cleanliness. Actually, the best way to clean your hands is with soap and water. But soap and water is not available at all the places, hand sanitizer with alcohol based, is the best option to keep your hands clean. The hand sanitizers kill the germs on the skin, the alcohol in the sanitizers helps to kill the bacteria and virus present on the hands. Thus, time to time use of hand sanitizers will keep everyone healthier. Now a days, you have a wide range of Hand sanitizer Accessories available in medical shops, retailer shops. And it is being used in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, office places everywhere. Hand sanitizers kick the germs from your skin and lower the chances of you getting ill. Using hand sanitizers is a good habit to healthy life.

Now while taking all this into consideration we should be careful while buying personal hygiene products. It may be cleaners and detergents, cleaning tools, floor/ carpet care, mops equipment, odor control, rest room cleaners or waste receptacles and lids. So many things are required. While making a list, remembering all these things is a little hectic job. But if you get a shop where you have all these things with high quality and at best price, that would be simpler for you to buy them. For that you can log on to ; and check the wide range of janitorial and sanitation products at affordable price.

Top Five Medical Supplies Must In Clinics and Hospitals

Can you imagine a hospital without medical supplies? No, it is practically impossible to run a medical unit without any kind of medical facilities available. It is these medical supplies only, which are used to provide proper treatment to any patient. Therefore, no medical supplies mean no treatment for the patients. Following are few essential medical supplies, you can easily buy online for your clinic or hospital-

1. Safety and Security: Whether it is a small clinic or huge hospital, safety and security instructions are undoubtedly followed at such places. There are many medical supplies, which are required to maintain these safety and security norms like Apparel, Face Masks, and Gloves. You can easily buy such best office supplies online at quite reasonable prices in U.S.A.

2. Cleaning products: Medical places like clinics and hospitals can be highly infectious if not cleaned on daily basis. To maintain the required standard of cleanliness at such places, there are many cleaning products available online. For example, Detergents and Wipes are an essential type of such cleaning products and easily available online at highly lucrative prices.

3. Waste receptacles: There are many types of waste originating from medical offices like clinics and hospitals. Such waste can be highly infectious for the visitors and other patients. To dump such waste there are waste receptacles, which are easily available online in different colors and affordable prices.

4. First Aid and Health supplies: Any medical office where there is no first aid and other health supplies on time is of no use to anyone. It is quite possible that any employee present in the office may require some first aid for one or the other reasons. Therefore, it is highly recommended that an office should have necessary first aid and health supplies like bandages, cold packs, blood pressure kits etc.,. One can easily order such office supplies online for lower prices.

5. Hanging file systems: To provide proper treatment to any patient, it is very important for any doctor to know his medical history. For that , there has to be an individual file for each and every patient. To store these files there are hanging file systems available online, which are classy yet cost-effective.

So, next time you plan to shop first aid or health supplies for your office employees, do refer the list mentioned above and keep your employees safe and sound.

Types of file folders you must have in your office for better organization

It is not that easy to find to find a right type of file folder for office, unless you know exactly what you require. When you plan to buy a file folder and start searching the same on various online stores, you will see many brands and variety in file folders. In case you are not sure about the file folder you want to purchase, there are chances that you get confuse. So, to avoid such confusion it is highly essential to check with your office requirement and your personal liking in file folders before searching on online store providing the best office supplies. To help you decide the same, here are some tips you can follow while selecting the right type of file folder for your office-

  1. Classification File Folders: Being one of the most important part of office supplies, file folders are also available in different styles, shapes, colors and prices. Classification Folder is one of those types and quite popular among office people to manage important documents and papers. These file folders generally come with gusseted expansions made from durable materials, which allow the folder to expand further and create some extra space for more papers. Classification folders are mostly available in two sizes, letter size (8-1/2 * 11 documents) and legal size (8-1/2*14 documents). You can select either of these classification type expandable file folders depending upon your office requirements.

  1. File Guides: The file guides help you find a file you are looking from so many other files placed in a single file folder. It can be stickers or clips having some of reference make like alphabets or numbers that you can tab on different files placed in any file folder. That’s how you can easily figure the file you may require next time spending lesser time. These guides are easily available online in different styles, materials and colors like laminated indexed card guides, end tab poly out guides and recycled top tab file guides.

  1. File Jackets: When you need to rush for some client meeting and you need to carry couple of forms and brochures, always go for some stylish file jackets. It’s a unique way to keep your documents easily accessible and secure. Being a popular type of file folder among employees, file jackets are available in different materials and styles. You have got plenty of options to choose from before placing an online order from a store dealing in the best office supplies.

  1. Expandable File Folders: As the name suggest here, the expandable type of file folders can easily expand to adjust greater number of files or documents you want to store. These folders are made from recycled materials, which are durable and non-hazardous to protect your files from scratches and tears. Moreover, the use of recycled material makes them environment friendly and lessons the adverse effects in our environment. You can easily avail these expandable file folders from any reputable online store offering high quality office supplies.

  1. Hanging file folders: Due to space scarcity in office, sometimes you have to mount few things on walls to make some space. Looking into the fact, manufactures have invented hanging file folders. These folders come with a mounting platform so that one can easily mount these folders on a wall considering its accessibility.

Looking at the above-mentioned types of file folder and your personal choice, now you can easily purchase the right kind of file folders for your office and at reasonable prices.

Want to Transform the dull walls?

Be it an office or your home. Decorating the walls of an office or home with landscapes, family photographs, college photographs that help to create a relaxing atmosphere in the office or at home. Choosing the family photos, college photos and landscapes aids in expressing yourself. It reflects your style and preferences.  A variety of frames with different styles and colors are available that enhance the beauty of the of the photographs you had chosen for display. The photographs with frames not only create a pleasing environment but also help to maintain a positive environment in the office or at homes.
The photo frames add artwork to the wall and are great way to preserve the treasured memories. A wide range of photo frames is available ranging from not so expensive to wooden carved expensive frames adding the just right touch to the décor.
Steps to decorate wall with photographs

  • Select and finalize all the photographs and memorabilia you wish to display
  • Segregate the photos and mementos into different categories
  • Finalize the wall/s to display the framed photographs
  • For home stairwells is the popular choice. Framed photographs can also be displayed in the living room, bedroom, and Hallways.
  • In offices, foyers, breakrooms, and reception are the most preferred areas to display photo frames. However, they can also be displayed in the dining area, board rooms and in the cafeteria.
  • Decide the position of every framed photograph.
  • Try to match the theme of the photograph with the style of the frame and the décor of the room.

Before hanging the framed photographs, assemble all the room supplies together at one place. You will need framed photographs, hanging wire, a hammer, wall screws and a pencil. Also, take someone’s help while hanging big frames. The photographs on the wall make a statement. The reflect your style and thought process. If you have a large collection of photo frames create groups for seasonal display. Take into consideration the room layout to decide the angle of the framed photograph. Take your companion or colleagues for advice and to decide the spot to hand a framed photograph.
Almost all the photographs hang well with picture hooks. For safety and added support use two hooks instead of one.
Decorating the office or home with framed photograph is fun. It is the easiest and least expensive way to decorate your office or home adding a personal touch to it. The customized frames reflect your taste and style as much as the photograph.
Many stores in the neighborhood make available photo frames. An online search projects list of stores that provide customized photo frame. Such stores have experienced framers who can advise you the different styles suitable for the chosen photographs. The experienced framers have an eye for frames starting with traditional frames that vary from brushed gold to vibrant red. The contemporary frames are metallic, made of cast iron or of steel. Choose the frame of your choice to boost the beauty of your office or home.

Three Important Tips to Ease a Working Woman’s Life

Women Equality Day

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.”

What a deep thought, isn’t it? Only the person who has respect for all the women and who completely understands the importance of women in his life and her power can complement her with such nicer words to her. Any idea who’s proverb it is? Yes, you guessed it right. It came from a very well-known Ghanaian scholar Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir, who was one of the greatest educators we ever had. In September 1999 this proverb got selected as “Proverb of the month” and he stated it to spread a message among the African parents of that time, who were not in favor of allowing their daughters to attend school as their sons. His message was clear and loud that we should allow women to have equal access.

It is because of such intellectual thoughts from highly knowledgeable scholars among us that today women are not much matching but thriving men in all the fields. They are not just working as an employee for some company, rather they have already marked their position in the field of entrepreneurship. If you explore, women entrepreneurs are diversifying into all industries. Manufacturing, Construction, and transportation are some of the largest recent increases in women-owned businesses, rather retail and services still make the largest share. Experience and education have made women so confident and prepared to face all kinds of challenges they may face while running any business. The change in mentality and upcoming examples of women making their name in every field and proving themselves to be no less than any male has built an atmosphere of awareness among those who still believe holding the rights, women deserve to have. The amount of experience, thought process, self-confidence, and willingness these women have after 5 years of experience equals to 10 years in the past.

Although many women are self-employed and running their own business, there is much more on their plate than just playing their professional role. For women who are married and have a family, they have to struggle so hard to manage and maintain a balance between work and home. Every day they have to face a new challenge, which they fight away and continue performing to their level best in both the roles. Let’s have a look at some tips the professional women can opt at work:-

  1. To maintain the balance between professional and personal life: Whether you are married or single, it is always beneficial to have a gap between your professional and your personal life. Problems are part of life and are temporary, but expressing them at work and home can hamper your personality. It’s tough to create this gap, but if possible then its results can be extremely fruitful.

  1. Your home should never be your workplace: There are many people who create their office at their home where their family lives. Always try to avoid such situation as there are many negatives attached to it. The major problem women face here is attending their professional calls while your kids are playing around. This is clearly going to create a distraction and hamper her focus. This can create a bad impression on the person who has called. To avoid such situation women entrepreneurs should have separate workplace than home, where they can easily attend to professional phone calls.

  1. Ask others for help: No doubt it is good to do your work by yourself, but not always. In case you are already handling multiple responsibilities, then you can always ask others for your help. Like you can ask your husband to pick up kids from the school or ask an office assistant to type a business letter for you. That’s how you can allocate your work to different people around and work being stress-free.

All working women, whether they are single or married, working as an employee or running a business, should consider the tips discussed above to improve their working environment and proudly spread a message of “Women Equality” celebrating Women’s Equality Day. Moreover, the working women can also enjoy online shopping of various high-quality office supplies available in our online store. To view the products, visit

TOP 10 facts about office products

TOP 10 facts you must know about office products!

You must be thinking that how the term “office” can become a topic of interesting facts. How often do you see the simple things in life that we take for granted, can have the most interesting stories behind them! How often do you see that these things can include our everyday office products? Don’t believe us, see yourself.

Did you know… that the first legal pad was invented by a judge’s request to draw a margin on the left side of his paper. The modern legal pad that we use today, evolved in the 20th century.

Did you know… that the scissors are the invention of the Egyptians in the era before Christ (approximately 1500BC). The earliest known examples of scissors appeared in Mesopotamia 3,000 to 4,000 years ago.

Did you know… that the invention of rubber eraser is just a mere accident. People used breadcrumbs or crusts of bread in place of rubber eraser. The inventor accidentally picked up a piece of rubber instead of the bread only to discover that it could easily erase the markings made by pencil!

Did you know… that the first commercially successful calculator was the Arithmometer, made by Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar in 1851. Irony is before that all we had was the brain!

Did you know… that the pencil is the oldest writing instrument. Its origins date back to the 16th century, when a graphite deposit was discovered in northern England.

Did you know… that paper was invented in China by 105AD during the Han Dynasty and spread slowly to the West via Samarkand and Baghdad. Then, after almost 9 years, its manufacturing began in Spain and Sicily in Europe and spread to Italy and southern France and then reached to Germany in the beginning of 15th century.

Did you know… that the ring binder mechanism dates back to 1869 when it was invented by Louis Leitz. Throughout the years it has seen a little change to its original design but retained its importance in the workplace.

Did you know… that the first known stapler was handmade in the 18th century in France for King Louis XV. Each staple was inscribed with the insignia of the royal court, as required.

Did you know… that there is a difference of nearly 50 years between invention and commercial manufacturing of the first envelop making machine. In 1845, Edwin Hill and Warren de la Rue were granted a British patent for the first machine. Then, in the late 19th century, the pre-gummed envelopes as we know today, were produced by a commercially successful machine.

Did you know… that in the early 1930’s, entrepreneur R. Stanton Avery manufactured the world’s first self-adhesive labels and made it into the successful business we know today.

If you have any more interesting facts about the office supplies and products that you buy from us, let us know in the comments.

Office Cleaning Products You Must Have

It is said that we spend most of our day’s time in the office. Just the way we want to keep our home clean, keeping office clean is necessary. You might think that it is not necessary to invest a lot into the cleaning products. But do not think that way. The cleanliness is directly related to the health of your employees. If they fall sick because of dirt and dust and spreads allergies, making sick people more. That will affect the productivity and at the end your profit making. Some cleaning products are must for the offices and you cannot escape from buying them. Let’s have a look at those products.

Tile cleaners – Most of the times when we look at the tiles, we find them clean. But they are actually not. It should be cleaned on the regular basis, especially the one at bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. Generally, there are two popular methods for cleaning porcelain surfaces in the bathroom. Many users prefer a spray cleaner that can be applied on the surface and left to dissolve away grime and soap scum. Hence the only thing that is required is to rinse  or wipe the surface off with the clean water and a sponge or cloth. This is definitely not time consuming. You can just hire a person to clean it every day.

General Cleaner/Disinfectant – Bathroom and kitchen sinks, counter-tops, vanities, bars and tables, all these parts require cleaning, using cleaning products with disinfectant will provide an extra measure of hygiene to dining, kitchen and bathroom surface.

Furniture cleaner – Look around your office and you will find most of the area covered furniture’s, everything, including desks and storage cabinets needs cleaning too. Those are the areas where you get in contact too frequently. It needs to be clean. There are various spray waxes, furniture cleaners and dusting spray available in online office supplies stores.  Furniture sprays waxes can be used on wood surfaces without risking damage to the wood or vanish. Dusting sprays help dusting cloths, feather dusters, fabric dusters or dust mops attract dust particles and leave a glossy sheen on the cleaned surface.

Air Cleaners – A office may look clean, once you open the door of the office, it might not smell clean. Getting that fresh, clean scent is almost as important as removing the dirt. Many air cleaners come with fragrance and cleaning solutions as well.

Tips For Perfect First Aid Kit In Office

In majority of the offices, a first aid kit is a mandatory requirement. It can prove to be lifesaving in case of an emergencies. First aid and health supplies are equally or probably more important than any other office supplies. Size of the first aid kits and its contents will differ depending on the work-space. So now the question arises is that what should be ideal size of the first aid kit for your office. Definitely there won’t be enough space to have a large first aid kit. There may not even be that many incidents that you would be needed first aid kits. But it is always good to have a first aid kit in case of emergency.

A purchased first aid kit will come in a plastic box or in a zippered, soft-sided bag. Usually it is white with red cross on it. Have a medium size of the box that can fit at least 15-20 items in it. Also, you can use container, either hard plastic or soft-sided zippered bag that can be placed in  a filing cabinet or drawer. A transparent container that allows viewing everything inside the kit at the glance is useful as well as handy. but to view what is inside, we need to be sure what all should be included in the kit where to keep this kit in the office?

The obvious answer is that it should be kept at a center point where everyone can reach easily. It should be available and accessible for the treatment of the injured person at the office.

Following are some of the essentials an office first aid kit must have,
Tweezers– Yes, don’t be shocked to read this. If your company is production based and has a factory, this is must have instrument for you. It will help remove any objects that may be stuck in the skin or fleshy tissue that needs to be plucked away.

Medicines – Mostly painkillers and all other headache medications. This gives temporary relief to the sufferer. He can be relaxed for time being and take a further treatment later. Many employees at IT sector, faces headache and body aches for long working hours. They can take this medicines for relief and concentrate on their work.

Antibacterial liquids and ointment– This will help get rid of any infection a person might have.  Cotton is another essential supplies that should go with this, We cannot apply fluids or ointment without cotton.

Band aids or any kind of bandages– It will help in any minor cuts or abrasions the person may need help with. The most common include a quantity of assorted-size sterile adhesive bandages. No first aid kit would be complete without bandages.

This would be more than sufficient for the average company size first aid kit for corporate office. However, depending on the size of the company you can change the quantity of the supplies. Do not forget to refill the kit if any of the item goes out of stock. Various office supplies for business in Garden City NY and nearby areas are masters in providing best quality health supplies. Price should not be a bar as it is directly related to the health of the employees.