Identification Badges


If you remember your first working day in a new organization, the first thing which you must have received from the organization is your ID card. This ID badge which looks small plays an important role in the organization. It is beneficial to the employer as well as you too. Besides other documents, carrying your Identification Badge is mostly mandatory in the working places.

What do you think, why these small looking Identification Badges are so important?

Let’s check in details the reasons, why organizations have Identification Badges for their employees –

A PIECE PROOF – It is a proof that a person is working for the particular organization. In most of the organization, security personnel check the IDs in the working premises.

A SENSE OF BELONGING – When you join an organization, you become the part of that organization. That sense of belonging, being a part of that organization family – is a feel-good factor.

A TRACK OF WORKING HOURS – In many organizations, you need to present your ID card for the entry and exit in your working premises, where time gets mentioned automatically. And thus, your working hours are calculated daily. This automated process saves the time of registering yourself while your entry and exit in the organization.

A HELP IN RESTRICTING ACCESS – In the big organizations, where there are lot of departments and inter department access is restricted, this ID card helps in this system. There are restrictions on particular floor, for particular amenities, for particular facilities. This ID cards help in this process.

AN ACCESS FOR SOME DISCOUNT – In many big organizations, the employees have different facilities out side the organizations. They have some discount facilities in some restaurants, or may be for the movie tickets. All these facilities they get under Employment Engagement Level. But to avail these facilities, they need to present their Id cards or Name Badge Holders as a proof of they belong to that specific organization.

A TYPE OF WORK CULTURE – There are many different aspects of looking at the ID cards in the organizations. Some may use for the security purpose while some may use that to evaluate the performances of the employees.

AN IDENTIFICATION IN EMERGENCY – If in case, something goes wrong e.g. you meet with an accident and medical emergency is required, your ID card helps in that case. As your ID card includes all your personal details like address, telephone no including your blood group, your ID card acts like your personal card there.

All though, you have so many benefits of wearing these ID cards, some people do not wear it. In that case, HR department has to enforce them for wearing it. There is a procedure about enforcing the employees to wear the ID cards. Initially give employees certain period to adjust with wearing the IDs. On non-wearing after that you can inform them the number of warning you will give them. Even after that, if they do not, you can issue the suspension order too.

But taking one to one meeting, and explaining the employee the benefits of wearing an ID card is the best way.

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