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How To Establish Clean Sanitation In Restrooms

In institutional, industrial or commercial organization, among all the places, one significant room which need proper cleaning is the restroom, which could be most difficult. If you give a second thought, it could be the smallest among all but most frequently and heavily used, could be full of viruses, bacteria and spread germs in and among the building occupants.

For many other reasons, the manager need to look after the effective and efficient sanitation program for restrooms. For maintaining the restrooms healthy, clean and odor-free, the cleaning of the restrooms has to be done correctly and regularly by the house keeping staff.

For creating the sanitation properly of the restrooms following programs can be adapted

Guide and educate your employees along with the cleaning staff

Along with your house keeping staff, provide training to your employees to follow basic procedures and they get built into their cleaning routine. As and when the facility manager provides training or educating the house keeping staff, they should be aware, what is cleaning and what is disinfecting.

Cleaning includes the removal of soil from the surface, as the soil gathers the germs like Influenza, Salmonella, E. Coli. Disinfecting includes killing and removing these germs. When disinfecting is done along with the cleaning, these disincentive agents could work all the more effectively. So, without cleaning, only disinfecting things will not work completely. You need to choose and use the Restroom Cleaners and Accessories very wisely. Housekeeping staff must be aware of the basic difference and its effects between disinfecting and cleaning to maintain the hygiene in the restrooms.

Make a habit of creating a cleaning checklist

Put together all things so that you get a checklist where you can find each and every task is completed. For this, the manager has to evaluate things that which work should be done on what frequent basis. It is important to create the checklist whether you are working in a warehouse or an office building or a health facility center. So that, you get the list of work like cleaning the sinks, mirrors, toilets, restocking the paper towels, soap dispensers, toilet and urinal deodorizers, toilet papers and many more things.

A manager should do inspection on the regular basis to maintain the hygiene of the restrooms.

* Use the toilet seat sanitizers and toilet seat cover dispensers –

Clean the toilet seat and toilet seat cover daily with the specific products like toilet seat sanitizers, toilet seat cover dispensers which are designed in reducing the spreading of bacteria. By using these products, they will help in removing harmful bacteria and germs.
Clean the toilet brushes – You cannot forget to get the toilet brush clean as they can spread the bacteria if they are not cleaned after every use. They must be cleaned with disinfecting detergent.

Besides the hygiene part of the restroom, your business employees or business clients expect a clean restroom. One bad experience about the restroom and you have a poor impression, that the customer can spread to others by sharing it. You will be shocked to hear that, the research says that an uncleaned, unsanitary restroom has driven almost one third of the customers from the business.

So, keep the restroom clean and hygienic.

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