Laser Pointers

Point It Out with the Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are handheld and are usually used to point out objects. Earlier these laser pointers were large and bulky devices that used to cause hundreds of dollars. Now these pointers are cheap and ubiquitous, and come in a number of colors and styles.

These pointers have become smaller and smaller over the last three decades. Now it is a common places consumer gadget and are integrated into every possible gadget from pens to presentation remotes. One of the latest form of these laser pointers is the miniature laser pointer. It shrinks and diminishes even further, making laser pointers practical for a key chain or wallet. They are tiny convenient and lightweight but they also come with a number of drawbacks.

Advantages of miniature laser pointers – The most advantageous part of this laser is,its size. It is easily pocket able, mini laser pointers can be slipped in a purse, tool box or first aid kit. It can also be attached to the key chain.

Portability – It is barely any weight or bulk. Since laser pointers have a wide variety of uses. carry it anywhere you go and bring it along at the time of presentation. It is not a bad idea to always have one in  a first aid kit or a day pack and the ultimate portability of miniature laser pointers easily allows this.

Convenience -They are eminently convenient because of their size and many are only designed to attach to the key chain. Adding the laser into any other item is always a good idea as it adds on to the convenience even more. Instead of carrying two things you can just attach it to the key chain and carry it.

Drawbacks – Like every coin has two sides, similarly even these pointers have some drawbacks. Following are some of them

Easy to lose – These laser pointers are handy if you can keep a track of it. But this small size of these lasers makes them easy to lose it as they can slip into a pocket, it also means that they can slip out of a pocket just as easily. Anyone can easily misplace it since there is just less laser to keep a track of.

It’s performance – Many laser pointers are limited to fairly low power output for safety reasons. But it does not mean that all laser pointers are made the same. Their power of lsers varies from dim to tiny lasers which tends to be more powerful. But at the end the brightness has a lot more to do with quality than size. Also well made miniature lasers are just as bright as their larger counterparts. Battery life of such pointers is another concern. The smaller the enclosure is sized, the less room there is for a battery.

Button Manipulation – All the pointers has at least one button to turn the laser on. Some is equipped with many other functions as well, such as pulses, jog/run switches, and others. Smaller the size of the laser is smaller are the buttons that are harder to manipulate.

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