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Office Breakroom Appliances

Appliances Every Office Breakroom Must Have

When it comes to design our home, we become very precise and make everything perfect. The same should be with the office and everything that is related to the workspace. Do you compromise while designing home kitchen. We always keep it equipped with all the appliances. Then why compromise at the office Break room. Make a list of essential breakroom appliances for your company.

Tea and coffee maker– Yes, the list starts with tea and coffee maker. Many of the employees tend to feel sleepy during their work. They can feel lazy because of sitting at the same place for longer time. Tea and coffee can refresh them. They can take it whenever and whatever they want. Not just installing a coffee machine is sufficient, but pouring the ingredients time to time will make the machine more useful. You will get an varieties of coffee machines at different  online office supplies stores. You can get the one that is perfectly suited for your office.

Water coolers and filters– Not just water coolers and filters, provide your employees with separate water bottles as well. Keep one filter in a workstation and another one in a breakroom, depending on the number of employees you have. It is a more recognizable appliance that a break room has. Coffee and tea are secondary, but water is primary. Make it cool for them during the summer and purify the water with water filter. Take a hot and cold water filter, all in one. They carry gallons of water. But when you purchase it don’t forget to clean and replace the filters time to time.

Microwaves and toaster-Ovens and toasters are other essentials for the break room office. Employees can use it to cook food or to reheat what they have brought. It is one of the most affordable appliances you can have. Secondly, the toaster can help your employees make their lunch in a shorter period of time. Keeping both the appliances will reduce the time even further. Toasters are compact and portable. Depending on the number of employees purchase the quantity of both. Two or three ovens and toasters would be more than enough for any company.

Mini fridges and beverage fridges– Make the mini fridge available for those employees who get their own tiff in. Availability of the fridge to keep food is always appreciable by the employees. Beverage fridge is another appliance that you can add if you wish to. It is not as mandatory as water cooler or tea maker. Put soft drinks or energy drinks in the beverage fridge to help them fresh.
All theses appliances will add on to the look as well as will give better facilities to your employees. This will let them enjoy their lunch time at the best.