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Office Cleaning Products You Must Have

It is said that we spend most of our day’s time in the office. Just the way we want to keep our home clean, keeping office clean is necessary. You might think that it is not necessary to invest a lot into the cleaning products. But do not think that way. The cleanliness is directly related to the health of your employees. If they fall sick because of dirt and dust and spreads allergies, making sick people more. That will affect the productivity and at the end your profit making. Some cleaning products are must for the offices and you cannot escape from buying them. Let’s have a look at those products.

Tile cleaners – Most of the times when we look at the tiles, we find them clean. But they are actually not. It should be cleaned on the regular basis, especially the one at bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. Generally, there are two popular methods for cleaning porcelain surfaces in the bathroom. Many users prefer a spray cleaner that can be applied on the surface and left to dissolve away grime and soap scum. Hence the only thing that is required is to rinse  or wipe the surface off with the clean water and a sponge or cloth. This is definitely not time consuming. You can just hire a person to clean it every day.

General Cleaner/Disinfectant – Bathroom and kitchen sinks, counter-tops, vanities, bars and tables, all these parts require cleaning, using cleaning products with disinfectant will provide an extra measure of hygiene to dining, kitchen and bathroom surface.

Furniture cleaner – Look around your office and you will find most of the area covered furniture’s, everything, including desks and storage cabinets needs cleaning too. Those are the areas where you get in contact too frequently. It needs to be clean. There are various spray waxes, furniture cleaners and dusting spray available in online office supplies stores.  Furniture sprays waxes can be used on wood surfaces without risking damage to the wood or vanish. Dusting sprays help dusting cloths, feather dusters, fabric dusters or dust mops attract dust particles and leave a glossy sheen on the cleaned surface.

Air Cleaners – A office may look clean, once you open the door of the office, it might not smell clean. Getting that fresh, clean scent is almost as important as removing the dirt. Many air cleaners come with fragrance and cleaning solutions as well.

Office Chair & Floor Mats

Why You should purchase Chair or floor mat for office?

Like any other office supplies and furniture’s don’t forget that floor and chair mats are not just luxury products but they are essentials. There are many benefits of using chair mats. When it comes to purchasing office supplies we always think that it can be purchased later at any point of time when we would need it. However, having these mats very beneficial for many reasons.

The basic use of chair mats is to protect the surface on which your chair rolls on. Your office might be of different material such as hardwood floors, carpet, cement of linoleum. But what if chairs that you purchase are ruining the floor of the office. But this is not the reason to worry as there are specially designed chair mats for each type of floors. Various online office supplies stores that have these kinds of chair mats.

The casters of office chairs can easily scratch hardwood floors, leaves imprint marks on the carpets ultimately damages the quality of the carpet from consistent rolling. Many carpenters would advise you to use chair mats for the smooth rolling of the chair without hammering the quality of the carpet or the floor.

The second most important benefit of the chair mat is that it adds on to the elegant and clean appearance. There are various designs and colors suitable for your office designs. Some of the trending designs are bamboo, zebra print, a world map, peacock print, colorful circles, and many more. These mats are not just useful for office, but you can also use them for home chairs. If the work area gets smaller the sizes that can be fixed in the particular area. If your work needs more rolling of chair from one desk to another than take a bigger size of chair mat.

The most important benefit of these mats is that is is ergonomically beneficial as it prevents leg fatigue and ease of movement. If you are just using a chair without mat and you need to move your car from one desk to another then your legs are already feeling the pressure. With the help of meat you can actually release that pressure.

These are some important reasons why you should purchase a chair mat. It is not just beneficial for the office furniture, but for your health as well.

Office Breakroom Appliances

Appliances Every Office Breakroom Must Have

When it comes to design our home, we become very precise and make everything perfect. The same should be with the office and everything that is related to the workspace. Do you compromise while designing home kitchen. We always keep it equipped with all the appliances. Then why compromise at the office Break room. Make a list of essential breakroom appliances for your company.

Tea and coffee maker– Yes, the list starts with tea and coffee maker. Many of the employees tend to feel sleepy during their work. They can feel lazy because of sitting at the same place for longer time. Tea and coffee can refresh them. They can take it whenever and whatever they want. Not just installing a coffee machine is sufficient, but pouring the ingredients time to time will make the machine more useful. You will get an varieties of coffee machines at different  online office supplies stores. You can get the one that is perfectly suited for your office.

Water coolers and filters– Not just water coolers and filters, provide your employees with separate water bottles as well. Keep one filter in a workstation and another one in a breakroom, depending on the number of employees you have. It is a more recognizable appliance that a break room has. Coffee and tea are secondary, but water is primary. Make it cool for them during the summer and purify the water with water filter. Take a hot and cold water filter, all in one. They carry gallons of water. But when you purchase it don’t forget to clean and replace the filters time to time.

Microwaves and toaster-Ovens and toasters are other essentials for the break room office. Employees can use it to cook food or to reheat what they have brought. It is one of the most affordable appliances you can have. Secondly, the toaster can help your employees make their lunch in a shorter period of time. Keeping both the appliances will reduce the time even further. Toasters are compact and portable. Depending on the number of employees purchase the quantity of both. Two or three ovens and toasters would be more than enough for any company.

Mini fridges and beverage fridges– Make the mini fridge available for those employees who get their own tiff in. Availability of the fridge to keep food is always appreciable by the employees. Beverage fridge is another appliance that you can add if you wish to. It is not as mandatory as water cooler or tea maker. Put soft drinks or energy drinks in the beverage fridge to help them fresh.
All theses appliances will add on to the look as well as will give better facilities to your employees. This will let them enjoy their lunch time at the best.

Office Furniture

Tips to Save Money on Office Furniture

In the US itself the office furniture industry is about 4 billion dollars, huge right? But that does not mean that you spend a lot of money on the furnishings. Yes, it is necessary to install the furniture in the office, but, make sure you are purchasing what is best and what is needed. Already an entrepreneur has a financial task to do and bares a lot of burden, less expenses on furniture can reduce the burden.

Firstly, just search for the options that you need. Sizes, shapes and colors, etc. must be decided and you can check for the availability online for it. But before that decide the place in your office where exactly you want to keep the furniture. Be sure of the size, if it misfits in the size it will be a loss for you.

Then also evaluate the space that you and your employees will need and calculate the amount of space left for furniture’s. Decide the storage and desk space. This will help you to get the measurements and the perfect furniture for the desired place.

Another option to save money on office furniture’s is used furniture’s. There are many reselling options available nowadays. Many online office suppliers have such furniture’s available. They also have new as well as reselling furniture’s.

Last but not the least, the color of the furniture must be professional and no funky color will give desired look to your office. One will get to see varieties of furniture’s in online office supplies stores, as most of the stores have office furniture’s as the main category.

Furniture plays a very important role in any office. It adds on to the professional look and gives your employee a level of comfort. His comfort will at the end give maximum productivity. Higher productivity will lead to more profit to the company. This all is interrelated. It might seem a small thing to you but creates a really huge difference considering the organization and its profits.

Green Office Supplies

Use Green Office Supplies: Help The Environment

Global warming and carbon footprint reduction is a cause of concern, not only for the Americans, but for the world over. Getting your home, school and office equipped with Green office supplies and products is one way to show your concern and contribution to the rising temperatures.

Green stationery and supplies includes almost all the items that you need for your office including books & pads, janitorial supplies, computer supplies, electrical equipment, breakroom supplies, office furniture and workstation, file, folders and binders, office machines & accessories, and also the paper & pen. So, basically green office supplies are available in every department of office, and everything you need to run your office. All the products are manufactured with utmost care to minimize the unwanted wastage, energy consumption and heat emission. Green supplies are made with recycling material and do not cause any harm to the nature.

Buying Green stationary supplies is not a very hard task, as online office supplies stores like www.cheapestofficesupplies.com has a range of products that are specially catered to business houses going green. The process is also simple and fast, and you just need to select the products by going into the green supplies’ category, and buy whatever is required. Your delivery is also safe and might take 2 days depending on the location of your workplace.

The misinterpretations that green supplies are not high quality and also highly priced is false. In fact, if you compare the prices of green products with regular office supplies they are far cheaper and highly durable as well. Using these products you can save a lot on electricity bill as well. Now is the time for you to accept the change and to turn your office into green solutions and make your surroundings a better place to live in. Do not hesitate even if people give you negative remarks of such products. Keep in mind that going green is the only way forward, if you want to conduct a business in a sustainable environment.

Place your orders for cheap green supplies, only on www.cheapestofficesupplies.com and help the nature and your business to move forward together.