The Evolution of Office Chairs since Romans

Have you ever noticed the change that has emerged in offices within last 20 years? Whether we talk about the structure of the office or we talk about the interior of the office, everything has changed drastically. This change is not instant, it has grown slowly and smoothly in these years. Every time, some brilliant mind came forward with a brilliant idea and gradually that idea developed into a trend. Whether it was replacing the Roll-top Desks with Desk Design, Wooden Chair with Rolling Chairs or Spring Sofas with Cushion Couches, these people did a marvelous job and left no stone unturned to bring a remarkable evolution in offices.

The offices we have in this 20th century have nothing similar to the offices we had in 19th century. Almost everything has changed or upgraded in terms of style, design and most importantly the cost. The product, which was easily available in few dollars has now crossed a thousand dollars in price. Let’s know in detail about the evolution of office chairs, which have received a tremendous change in past years and still improving.


To know the evolution of office chairs, we have to look thousands of years back in Roman Times. The very first chair can be traced in those days.  They use to call it Curule Chair, where only consuls, magistrates and high priests were allowed to sit. After thousands of years from Romans Time, a naturalist named Charles Darwin gave a new direction to the evolution of Chairs by giving an idea that adding wheels to the chair can increase the productivity in work.

Then in 1949, an American company in Troy of New York manufactured the Centripetal Spring Armchair using ornamental iron for the first time. Then in 1970’s an interior designer Wilhelm Ritz have all together a new look to the chairs by adding height adjustment feature using gas cylinder. It was no less than a revolution in office chairs. After that in 1976 William Stumpf the US office furniture designer, after his research on chairs for 10 years made a beautiful a comfortable chair known as Ergon Chair. Later on, many other better designs came forward from different people and companies like Kneeler Chair, Exercise Ball Chair and Coza Chair from Boss Design Group, which has received multiple rewards in 2015 like-

  • Best of Neocon Silver Award 2015
  • Mixology Product of The Year 2015
  • Red Dot Product Design Award 2015

That’s how had been the evolution of office chairs in all these years, receiving improvements from some brilliants minds who came to this planet.

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