Three Important Tips to Ease a Working Woman’s Life

Women Equality Day

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.”

What a deep thought, isn’t it? Only the person who has respect for all the women and who completely understands the importance of women in his life and her power can complement her with such nicer words to her. Any idea who’s proverb it is? Yes, you guessed it right. It came from a very well-known Ghanaian scholar Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir, who was one of the greatest educators we ever had. In September 1999 this proverb got selected as “Proverb of the month” and he stated it to spread a message among the African parents of that time, who were not in favor of allowing their daughters to attend school as their sons. His message was clear and loud that we should allow women to have equal access.

It is because of such intellectual thoughts from highly knowledgeable scholars among us that today women are not much matching but thriving men in all the fields. They are not just working as an employee for some company, rather they have already marked their position in the field of entrepreneurship. If you explore, women entrepreneurs are diversifying into all industries. Manufacturing, Construction, and transportation are some of the largest recent increases in women-owned businesses, rather retail and services still make the largest share. Experience and education have made women so confident and prepared to face all kinds of challenges they may face while running any business. The change in mentality and upcoming examples of women making their name in every field and proving themselves to be no less than any male has built an atmosphere of awareness among those who still believe holding the rights, women deserve to have. The amount of experience, thought process, self-confidence, and willingness these women have after 5 years of experience equals to 10 years in the past.

Although many women are self-employed and running their own business, there is much more on their plate than just playing their professional role. For women who are married and have a family, they have to struggle so hard to manage and maintain a balance between work and home. Every day they have to face a new challenge, which they fight away and continue performing to their level best in both the roles. Let’s have a look at some tips the professional women can opt at work:-

  1. To maintain the balance between professional and personal life: Whether you are married or single, it is always beneficial to have a gap between your professional and your personal life. Problems are part of life and are temporary, but expressing them at work and home can hamper your personality. It’s tough to create this gap, but if possible then its results can be extremely fruitful.

  1. Your home should never be your workplace: There are many people who create their office at their home where their family lives. Always try to avoid such situation as there are many negatives attached to it. The major problem women face here is attending their professional calls while your kids are playing around. This is clearly going to create a distraction and hamper her focus. This can create a bad impression on the person who has called. To avoid such situation women entrepreneurs should have separate workplace than home, where they can easily attend to professional phone calls.

  1. Ask others for help: No doubt it is good to do your work by yourself, but not always. In case you are already handling multiple responsibilities, then you can always ask others for your help. Like you can ask your husband to pick up kids from the school or ask an office assistant to type a business letter for you. That’s how you can allocate your work to different people around and work being stress-free.

All working women, whether they are single or married, working as an employee or running a business, should consider the tips discussed above to improve their working environment and proudly spread a message of “Women Equality” celebrating Women’s Equality Day. Moreover, the working women can also enjoy online shopping of various high-quality office supplies available in our online store. To view the products, visit

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