Tidy Desk

Tidy and Organized Desk Can Be Key for Better Results

Try as hard as you may, still at the end of the day, your desk becomes a mess. So much so, that finding any document, or even your phone, becomes a task. The busy schedule and the struggle to meet the deadline, doesn’t leave much time to arrange the desk and beautify it. But, the clutter can be distracting. Your mind can get diverted by the chaos and it can indirectly affect your performance.

A messy desk, diverts your mind from your work. You are constantly at war in your mind about whether to clean the desk or continue with the work. And due to this, we are not able to give hundred percent to our work. So, instead of facing issues at work because of this inconsequential problem, it is always better to find a solution for it. Cleaning it every day is not the solution, as after a few days when your workload increases you will forget to clean it. So find a permanent solution for it.

Most of the clutter is because of the office supplies spread over the desk. The pens, other writing material and sticky notes, writing pads, etc. cause the mess. Office supplies like, clips, binders, highlighters and other stuff are small and can be easily misplaced. But though small, these things are useful. And they have a bad habit of going missing exactly at the time when we need those things the most. To avoid such situations, get yourself a Desktop Supplies Organizers. All your office supplies will be in one place and nothing will go missing. Also, copy holder is useful to keep those writing pads in one place. While buying the organizers, choose the reliable office supplies provider, so that you get good quality product.

Several times, we get some books to refer from while working. There are some books, which we keep with us for reference. We may not be using these books on a daily basis, but still we keep them with us. Still, maintaining tidiness on the desk with these books is difficult. They end up acting as a paperweight or as a stand. But, the desk gets crowded. To keep them in minimum space, get bookends. The bookends hold heavy books. They don’t occupy more space and the books would remain in order.

Also, another reason for the mess on the desk are the papers. There are always documents scattered on the desk. These documents, if lost in the clutter, can create problems for you. So, instead of getting in trouble, better to keep the papers safe. Desk trays are a good option to manage them. Anyone, who delivers the documents to you, would know where to keep it. You can write, “In” and “Out” on the trays, so there won’t be any confusion. The variety of such desk trays and bookends are available at the corporate office supply stores in Garden City, NY.

To avoid boredom and keep the clients or visitors engaged, we keep magazines and newspapers on the desk. These take up the maximum space and don’t leave room of other office supplies. But, you can get literature racks and displays, to store the reading material. The racks can be kept on the desk or hanged on the side of the desk. It is the best way to keep maximum things in the minimum space.

Organizing and keeping the desk clean is our responsibility. And there are several ways to keep maximum stuff in minimum space. Investment in things which we consider trivial, gives big returns.

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