Essential Computer Accessory

Why mouse pad is still a necessity?

Earlier, a mouse pad was virtually required to use a computer mouse. The earlier mouse had a small hard rubber ball that would roll as the mouse moved, It was turned as a small wheel inside the mouse, that sent signals to a computer and represented the distance moved. The computer software would use this data to move the mouse cursor in a corresponding fashion on the computer screen. Hence the mouse pad had become the essential computer accessory to provide a surface that the rubber ball could grip enough and move the mouse cursor corresponding to the computer screen.

The era is gone when the mouse had rubber balls and it is replaced with an optical sensor. This sensor can see the surface, it is moving across, calculates the direction the mouse is moving. In most of the cases, mouse pad is not needed. There is no rubber ball that needs to grip the surface. But, the difference takes place when the mouse is being used on semi or fully reflective surface. The mouse pad is needed at such times. When there is a reflective surface, the optical sensor would basically only see it on the surface would be reflecting an image of the optical sensor. And because of it, the sensor fails to understand in what direction the mouse is moving. Mouse pad would be beneficial as it allows the sensor to not to detect the surface movement and direction.

Some computer mouse is also of a laser instead of optical sensors. If we check technically, the laser mouse is still using a type of optical sensor. The difference is that the optical mouse sensor uses LED light to track movement, on the other hand a laser mouse sensor has laser lights. The advantage of this laser mouse is that it works on almost every surface. Black and shiny surface is not an exception. But the drawback is that the laser mouse may have some difficulty in working on surfaces where optical mouse would function better.

Thus, for any type of the mouse, mouse pad works better, may it be optical or laser. The other benefit of the mouse pad is that it also works as a wrist rest. Cheapest office supplies new York city, provides the mouse pad that has cushioned rest of it. You can move the mouse while resting the wrist. Ergonomics studies also advise you to take purchase such mouse pads if you have longer working hours. It is going to affect your hand movements and if they are improper, you would end up having severe pain in the wrist and fingers. Make sure you take a mouse pad for your wrist to work properly.