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Why The Hell You Need A Battery Backup

Ever wondered why it is recommended to have battery backup while using computers? Recall the power loss for several hours due to the storm? You lost the important data to be used for Annual Business Meeting that was not saved. The power goes off suddenly, turning your screen black!! You wish, you had clicked save while working on it.

It always leaves you helpless more often than not clueless as the cause for power outage cannot be figured out. More often than not, if the power outage is not frequent, it may happen due to natural calamities, or winters and storms bringing down the power lines.

How UPS helps?

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. A good UPS supplies power for 5-10 minutes allowing you to save the crucial data and shut down the computer safely during the sudden power failure. Thus preventing inconvenience and the damage to the electronic equipment.

The working of UPS

The UPS has a lead acid battery backup power supply and a circuitry. During the power outage, the UPS instantly switches from line power to battery power. The UPS also protects the computer during fluctuations in line power as a sudden spike or drop in voltage has an adverse effect on the computer, affecting its performance and the lifespan.

Types of UPS

UPS units range from small units with the capacity to supply power for 10 min to large UPS deployed in data centers that keep servers running round the clock. Depending on the characteristics, the types of UPS are

  • Standby
  • Line Interactive
  • Standby on-line hybrid-
  • Standby-Ferro
  • Double Conversion On-Line
  • Delta Conversion On-Line

However, the frequently used UPS for computers are

  • Standby

These UPS are compact, highly efficient and cost effective. Highly recommended for personal computers.

  • Line Interactive

These are the most reliable and popular UPS in locations with harsh power environment. Ideal for small businesses, web servers and departmental servers as they have perfect voltage conditioning.

Choosing the UPS

The choice of UPS depends on the power needs of the personal computer at home or personal computers and servers at an office and the run time of the UPS. The run time of the UPS depends on the number of battery cells in the UPS, their capacity, their DV voltage rating and the VA rating of the UPS.

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