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Why White Boards Are Best For Learning

Even though we are advancing with the technology, dry erase whiteboards are still found in all the classrooms and many office conferences. They are still considered to be an elephant in the room may it be a classroom or a conference room.

Basically an interactive whiteboard combines a dry erase whiteboard with an LCD projector and is usually mounted on a wall or floor stand. Whiteboard acts as a computer screen that is viewable by an entire classroom. The projector projects the presentation on the white surface of the board while the teacher controls the content either with a pointer or a touch of the hand instead of a keyboard and mouse. The combination of software with the projected results in much more than simply a projected image. Anything that is possible to do on computer monitor can be replicated in this interactive whiteboard, Hence it becomes a necessary classroom material. The teacher can create an engaging lessons that focus on one task, such as a matching activity where students use either their fingers or a pen to match their items. To add one more, another teacher might integrate multiple items into a lesson plan. Websites, photos, videos and music can be to make learning more interactive and respond to verbal even write comments on the board itself. Image size and placement can change with a simple touch to the screen. Here you get double benefit of writing points by yourself on the board plus presenting the lesson with the help of the whiteboards.

If you want to show a jungle safari to Africa presentations and videos with animal sounds will make an impact on the minds of the students. Research has reportedly demonstrated that students learn better when they are fully engaged and that multi sensory, hands-on learning is the best way to engage them in learning. Interactive whiteboards facilitate multisensory learning whether it is a collaborative exercise for math problem solving as well. This simple white color board has various benefits that we cannot even think of. Get it now for your classroom and offices for better explanations.

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